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People and Environment

People and Environment

UGC NET Paper 1 June 2013

1. The phrase 'tragedy of commons' is in the context of 
   a) tragic event related to damage caused by release of poisonous gases.
   b) tragic conditions of poor people.
   c) degradation of renewable free access resources.
   d) climate change.

2. Kyoto Protocol is related to:

   a) Ozone deplention
   b) Hazardous waste
   c) Climate change
   d) Nuclear energy

3. Which of the following is a source of emissions leading to the eventual formation of surface ozone as a pollutant?

   a) Transport sector
   b) Refrigeration and airconditioning
   c) Wetlands
   d) Fertilizers

4. The smog in cities in India mainly consists of

   a) Oxides of sulphur
   b) Oxides of nitrogen and unburnt hydrocarbons
   c) Carbon monoxide and SPM
   d) Oxides of sulphur and ozone

5. Which of the following types of natural hazards have the highest potential to cause damage to humans?

   a) Earthquakes
   b) Forest fires
   c) Volcanic eruptions
   d) Droughts and floods

6. The percentage share of renewable energy sources in the power production in India is around.

   a) 2-3%
   b) 22-25%
   c) 10-12%
   d) <1%

Answer Key

1. (c)    2. (c)    3. (b)    4. (b)    5. (d)    6. (a)

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